Package org.argouml.uml.reveng

Provides support for PluggableImport modules.


Interface Summary
ImportInterface An interface which identifies an ArgoUML plug-in which imports source language modules and creates UML model elements in our model.
ImportSettings Interface for the generic import settings that a pluggable importer module can query the value of.
ImportSettingsInternal Extended version of ImportSettings which must be implemented by GUI implementations.
SettingsTypes These are common raw types that a specific import type can use to build complex settings.
SettingsTypes.BooleanSelection Boolean setting which can take values of true/false (on/off).
SettingsTypes.Setting Base setting class extended by all others
SettingsTypes.UniqueSelection A generic type that has multiple options, from all these options the user can choose only one option (the selected option).
SettingsTypes.UserString Free form string setting to allow user to enter arbitrary string value.

Class Summary
ConfigPanelExtension Default extended configuration panel for file import.
DiagramInterface Instances of this class interface the current Class diagram.
FileImportSupport Deprecated. by tfmorris for 0.23.2 - implement ImportInterface and ModuleInterface directly, using the utility methods in FileImportUtils to replace some of the previous functionality of this class.
FileImportUtils Utility methods for source file importers.
Import This is the main class for all import classes.
ImportClassLoader Class to help users reverse engineer class information from arbitrary .jar/.class file resources, like an import classpath.
ImportCommon Source language import class - GUI independent superclass.
ImporterManager Keeps an instance of each ImportInterface implementation module registered.
Setting Common class that all settings types inherit from.
Setting.BooleanSelection Setting which specifies a boolean value.

Exception Summary
ImportInterface.ImportException Import subsystem exception to wrap any nested exceptions with when thrown.

Package org.argouml.uml.reveng Description

Provides support for PluggableImport modules.

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