Package org.argouml.uml.diagram.static_structure.layout

implements a rank based layout algorithm for static structure diagrams


Class Summary
ClassdiagramEdge This class is an abstract implementation of all edges which are layoutable in the classdiagram.
ClassdiagramLayouter This class implements a layout algorithm for class diagrams.
ClassdiagramModelElementFactory a class to get the proper layouter for a Fig.
ClassdiagramNote This class overrides some of the aspects of ClassdiagramNodes to simplify the positioning of notes nearby the commented nodes.
ClassdiagramNoteEdge This class represents note edges to enable an appropriate positioning of notes.

Package org.argouml.uml.diagram.static_structure.layout Description

implements a rank based layout algorithm for static structure diagrams

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The layout algorithms is essentially inheritance based, in a way that it tries to order nodes by their inheritane structure first. Note that the edges have methods to follow their own layout. Thus generalizations are layouted (centric to the class) slightly different from realizations (offset to the right to avoid overlapping).

TODO: Implement layout for Notes and associations and other potential elements on the class diagram, e.g. standard text notes.

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