Package org.argouml.ui

contains many user interface related classes, such as the ProjectBrowser, actions, stylepanels etc.


Interface Summary
Clarifier This interface represents a "Clarifier", i.e.
GUISettingsTabInterface An interface which must be implemented as the UI for tabs used on the settings panel.
TabFigTarget Empty interface used to tag Tabbed panels that accept a Fig Target.
TabTarget An interface for JPanels that are in the DetailsPane, and that change target based on the selections made in the gui/views.

Class Summary
AboutBox This is what you see after you activate the "Help->About ArgoUML" menu-item.
AbstractArgoJPanel A subclass of JPanel that can act as a tab in the DetailsPane or MultiEditorPane.
ActionExportXMI Exports the xmi of a project to a file choosen by the user.
ActionGoToCritique Action to display the todo pane.
ActionImportXMI This Action allows import of a XMI file.
ActionProjectSettings Action for starting the Project Properties window.
ActionSettings Action for starting the Argo settings window.
ArgoDiagram This class represents all Diagrams within ArgoUML.
ArgoDialog A dialog with localized buttons.
ArgoFrame Helper class to store/find a top level application frame.
ArgoJMenu An extension of the standard swing JMenu class which provides additional Argo support.
CheckboxTableModel Table model for a table two visible columns and one invisible column.
CmdCreateNode Command to create nodes with the appropriate modelelement.
CmdSetMode Extends GEF CmdSetMode to add additional metadata such as tooltips.
DetailsPane The lower-right pane of the main ArgoUML window, which shows the details of a selected model element.
DisplayTextTree This is the JTree that is the GUI component view of the UML model navigation (the explorer) and the todo list.
ExceptionDialog A window that displays an exception to the user if we can't handle it in any other way.
FindDialog Main dialog for Find function.
GotoDialog The dialog that allows the user to go to any diagram in the project by doubleclicking on it.
GraphChangeAdapter Adapts changes in the Diagram subsystem (the graph presentation layer) to changes in the Model subsyetm (diagram interchange model).
GUI This is the "main" class for the GUI subsystem.
JasonsBigTheme This class defines a variation on the default Metal Theme.
JasonsHugeTheme This class defines a variation on the default Metal Theme.
JasonsTheme This class defines a variation on the default Metal Theme.
LookAndFeelMgr Controls the look and feel and theme of ArgoUML.
MultiEditorPane The upper right pane in the ArgoUML user interface.
PerspectiveSupport Helper class for tree models that provides help building perspectives out of gorules.
ProjectBrowser The main window of the ArgoUML application.
ProjectSettingsTabProperties Tab Panel for setting the project attributes: author name and email, project description.
ShadowComboBox A ComboBox that contains the set of possible Shadow Width values.
SplashScreen The splash screen.
StatusBar The status bar.
StylePanel The Presentation panel - formerly called style panel.
StylePanelFig The basic stylepanel which provides the boundaries box, line and fill color information.
StylePanelFigNodeModelElement Stylepanel which provides base style information for modelelements, e.g.
StylePanelFigRRect Provide a stylepanel for rounded rectancles in order to set the rounding edge level.
StylePanelFigText StylePanel class which provides additional parameters for changing Text elements provided by GEF.
SystemInfoDialog Display System Information (JDK Version, JDK Vendor, etc).
TabResults The results tab for the find dialog.
TabText A tab that contains textual information.
TransferableModelElements A transferable wraps the data that is transferred (in casu a collection of UML modelelements) from a drag source to a drop target.
TreeModelComposite This class is the TreeModel for the navigator and todo list panels.
TreeModelSupport Helper class for tree models that provides tree event handling.
UsageStatistic Used in one of the tee files.
ZoomSliderButton A button that can be used to change the zoom magnification of the current diagram.

Package org.argouml.ui Description

contains many user interface related classes, such as the ProjectBrowser, actions, stylepanels etc. The organisation of this packages is a little bit chaotic.

Related Documentation

Classes which are not found here are likely to be in the uml package or in other related UI packages. Some examples are listed below.

See Also:
org.argouml.uml.ui, org.argouml.cognitive, org.argouml.uml.cognitive, The actual menubar for the application is created in, org.argouml.ui.menubar

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