Package org.argouml.ui.explorer.rules

contains classes for Building the explorer tree view of argouml.


Interface Summary
PerspectiveRule This is the interface for rules that together make a model perspective in the explorer.

Class Summary
AssociationsNode This class is a support class for The Navigation panel Go Rules.
AttributesNode This class is a support class for The Navigation panel Go Rules.
GoAssocRoleToMessages The GoRule AssociationRole->Messages.
GoBehavioralFeatureToStateDiagram The rule for Behavioral Feature->Statechart diagram.
GoBehavioralFeatureToStateMachine PerspectiveRule to navigate from behavioral feature to statemachine.
GoClassifierToBehavioralFeature Go rule to navigate from a classifier to the behavioral features owned by that classifier.
GoClassifierToCollaboration Go rule for navigation in the navpane from a classifier to the collaboration representing it.
GoClassifierToSequenceDiagram Go rule from represented operation to sequence diagram representing it.
GoClassifierToStateMachine PerspectiveRule to navigate from behavioral feature to statemachine.
GoClassifierToStructuralFeature Rule for Class->Attribute.
GoClassToAssociatedClass Rule for Class->Associated Class.
GoClassToNavigableClass Rule for Class->Navigable Class.
GoClassToSummary This class is a Go Rule for the "Class - centric" Navigation perspective.
GoCollaborationToDiagram Rule for Collaboration->Diagram.
GoCollaborationToInteraction Rule for Collaboration->Interaction.
GoComponentToResidentModelElement Rule for Component -> Resident Element.
GoCompositeStateToSubvertex Rule for State->Substates.
GoDiagramToEdge Rule for Diagram->Edge.
GoDiagramToNode Rule for Diagram->Node.
GoElementToMachine Rule for Class->State Machine.
GoEnumerationToLiterals Go rule to navigate from an Enumeration to its Literals.
GoGeneralizableElementToSpecialized Rule to navigate from a Generalizable element to its children.
GoInteractionToMessages Rule for Interaction->Messages.
GoLinkToStimuli Rule for Link->Stimuli.
GoMessageToAction Go rule to navigate from some message to it's corresponding action.
GoModelElementToBehavior PerspectiveRule to navigate from a modelelement (the context) to its behavior (statemachine or activitygraph).
GoModelElementToComment Go rule for the package perspective to show the comments belonging to some modelelement.
GoModelElementToContainedDiagrams Rule for ModelElement -> Contained diagrams.
GoModelElementToContainedLostElements Rule for ModelElement -> Contained Lost Elements.
GoModelElementToContents Rule for ModelElement -> Contents.
GoModelToBaseElements Rule for Package->Base Class.
GoModelToCollaboration Rule for Model->Collaboration.
GoModelToDiagrams Rule for Model->Diagram.
GoModelToElements Rule for Namespace->Owned Element.
GoNamespaceToClassifierAndPackage Rule for Namespace->Classifer or Package.
GoNamespaceToDiagram Rule for Package->Diagram.
GoNamespaceToOwnedElements Rule for Namespace->Owned Element, excluding StateMachine, Comment and Collaborations that have a Represented Classifier or Operation.
GoNodeToResidentComponent Rule for Node -> Resident Component.
GoOperationToCollaboration Rule for Operation->Collaboration.
GoOperationToCollaborationDiagram Rule for Operation->Collaboration Diagram.
GoOperationToSequenceDiagram Rule for Operation->Sequence diagram.
GoPackageToClass Rule for Package->Class.
GoProjectToCollaboration Rule for Project->Collaboration.
GoProjectToDiagram Rule for Project->Diagram.
GoProjectToModel Rule for Project->Model.
GoProjectToStateMachine Rule for Project->Statemachine.
GoSignalToReception Rule for Signal->Reception.
GoStatemachineToDiagram A go rule to navigate from a statemachine or activitygraph to the statediagram or activitydiagram that's showing it.
GoStateMachineToState PerspectiveRule to navigate from statemachine to the subvertices of its top state (1 level deep only).
GoStateMachineToTop Rule for Statemachine->Top State.
GoStateMachineToTransition Rule for Statemachine->Transition.
GoStateToDoActivity Go rule to navigate from a state to it's do-activity.
GoStateToDownstream Rule for State->Outgoing States.
GoStateToEntry Rule for navigation from a State to its Entry action.
GoStateToExit Rule for navigation from a State to its Exit action.
GoStateToIncomingTrans Rule for State->Incoming Transitions.
GoStateToInternalTrans Rule for State->Internal Transitions.
GoStateToOutgoingTrans Rule for State->Outgoing Transitions.
GoStereotypeToTagDefinition Rule for Stereotype -> TagDefinition.
GoStimulusToAction Rule for Stimulus->Action.
GoSubmachineStateToStateMachine Rule for SubmachineState to StateMachine.
GoSummaryToAssociation Rule for Summary->Association.
GoSummaryToAttribute Rule for Summary->Attribute.
GoSummaryToIncomingDependency Rule for Summary->IncomingDependency.
GoSummaryToInheritance Rule for Summary->Inheritance.
GoSummaryToOperation Rule for Summary->Operation.
GoSummaryToOutgoingDependency Rule for Summary->OutgoingDependency.
GoTransitiontoEffect Rule for Transition->Effect.
GoTransitionToGuard Rule for Transistion to Guard.
GoTransitionToSource Rule for Transition->Source State.
GoTransitionToTarget Rule for Transition->Target State.
GoUseCaseToExtensionPoint Rule for Use Case->Extension Point.
IncomingDependencyNode This class is a support class for The Navigation panel Go Rules.
InheritanceNode This class is a support class for The Navigation panel Go Rules.
OperationsNode This class is a support class for The Navigation panel Go Rules.
OutgoingDependencyNode This class is a support class for The Navigation panel Go Rules.

Package org.argouml.ui.explorer.rules Description

contains classes for Building the explorer tree view of argouml.

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