Package org.argouml.ui.explorer

contains classes for the explorer tree view of argouml.


Interface Summary
PerspectiveManagerListener An interface to decouple the perspective manager from interested ui components.
Relocatable Interface which is used by the Explorer to determine if a diagram can change its location to a new model element.
TreeModelUMLEventListener An interface to decouple Explorer event adaptors from interested models.
WeakExplorerNode Interface for adding weak nodes to the explorer, in this case nodes that can yield to nodes already in the explorer.

Class Summary
ActionPerspectiveConfig Action to invoke the Configure Perspectives dialog.
DnDExplorerTree This class extends the default Argo JTree with Drag and drop capabilities.
ExplorerEventAdaptor All events going to the Explorer must pass through here first!
ExplorerPerspective Represents a perspective (or view) of the uml model for display in the explorer.
ExplorerPopup PopUp for extra functionality for the Explorer.
ExplorerTree This class is the JTree for the explorer.
ExplorerTreeModel The model for the Explorer tree view of the uml model.
ExplorerTreeNode Ensures that explorer tree nodes have a default ordering.
NameOrder Sorts explorer nodes by their user object name.
PerspectiveComboBox Listens to updates from the Perspective manager.
PerspectiveConfigurator The "Configure Perspectives" dialog.
PerspectiveManager Provides a model and event management for perspectives(views) of the Explorer.
TypeThenNameOrder Sorts by user object type, diagrams first, then packages, then other types.

Package org.argouml.ui.explorer Description

contains classes for the explorer tree view of argouml.

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