Package org.argouml.ui.cmd

This package holds commands which are activated by the user somewhere in the UI.


Interface Summary
ShortcutChangedListener A listener to be implemented by those interested in ShortcutChangedEvents.

Class Summary
Action This class represents a "shortcuttable" action
ActionAboutArgoUML The action to show the About ArgoUML dialog.
ActionAdjustGrid This action changes the grid shown on the diagram.
ActionAdjustSnap This action changes the snap (called guide or grid-guide in GEF).
ActionAutoCritique Stops critiquing and the TodoList validity checking thread in ToDoList.
ActionExit Action to exit ArgoUML.
ActionGotoDiagram This Action will display a dialogbox listing all diagrams.
ActionNew Action to trigger creation of a new project.
ActionNewToDoItem The action to create a new todo item.
ActionPrint Print the current active diagram.
ActionResolve The action to resolve a todo item.
ActionShowXMLDump Action that shows an XML dump of the current project contents.
ActionSnooze The action to snooze the critics, i.e.
ActionSystemInfo System information dialog.
CmdSetPreferredSize A command to set selected figs to their minimum size.
GenericArgoMenuBar GenericArgoMenuBar defines the menubar for all operating systems which do not explicitely ask for a different kind of menu bar, such as Mac OS X.
LastRecentlyUsedMenuList Menu extension for last recently used files menu.
PrintManager print the current active diagram.
ShortcutChangedEvent An event to be fired in order to tell some other listener of a shortcut change.
ShortcutMgr This class manages all Argo's shortcuts
ToDoItemAction A base class for Actions related to ToDoItems.

Package org.argouml.ui.cmd Description

This package holds commands which are activated by the user somewhere in the UI.

It also contains UI elements to activate these commands, in casu the menu.

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