ArgoUML Quick Guide

Get started with ArgoUML 0.28

Kunle Odutola

Anthony Oguntimehin

Linus Tolke

Michiel van der Wulp

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Table of Contents

1. Preface
1. Introduction
1.1. Welcome to ArgoUML
1.2. About this guide...
2. Installing ArgoUML
2.1. System requirements
2.2. Installation options
2.3. Installing Auxiliary Modules
2.4. Command Line Options
2.5. Making .zargo-file clickable (on any Windows)
2.5.1. Making .zargo-file clickable (on Windows XP)
2.5.2. Making .zargo-file clickable (on Windows Vista)
3. ArgoUML Principles
3.1. Project, Model and Diagram
3.2. Objects
3.3. Overview of the window