Chapter 17.  Use Case Diagram Model Element Reference

Table of Contents

17.1. Introduction
17.1.1. ArgoUML Limitations Concerning Use Case Diagrams
17.2. Actor
17.2.1. Actor Details Tabs Detail-Register Akteur
17.2.2. Actor Property Toolbar
17.2.3. Property Fields For Actor
17.3. Use Case
17.3.1. Use Case Details Tabs
17.3.2. Use Case Property Toolbar
17.3.3. Property Fields For Use Case
17.4. Extension Point
17.4.1. Extension Point Details Tabs
17.4.2. Extension Point Property Toolbar
17.4.3. Property Fields For Extension Point
17.5. Association
17.6. Association End
17.7. Dependency
17.8. Generalization
17.8.1. Generalization Details Tabs
17.8.2. Generalization Property Toolbar
17.8.3. Property Fields For Generalization
17.9. Extend
17.9.1. Extend Details Tabs
17.9.2. Extend Property Toolbar
17.9.3. Property Fields For Extend
17.10. Include
17.10.1. Include Details Tabs
17.10.2. Include Property Toolbar
17.10.3. Property Fields For Include

17.1.  Introduction

This chapter describes each model element that can be created within a use case diagram. Note that some sub-model elements of model elements on the diagram may not actually themselves appear on the diagram.

There is a close relationship between this material and the properties tab of the details pane (see Section 13.3, “ Properties Tab). That section covers properties in general, in this chapter they are linked to specific model elements.

Figure 17.1, “ Typical model elements on a use case diagram. shows a use case diagram with all typical model elements displayed.

Figure 17.1.  Typical model elements on a use case diagram.

Typical model elements on a use case diagram.

17.1.1.  ArgoUML Limitations Concerning Use Case Diagrams

Use case diagrams are now well supported within ArgoUML. There still are some minor limitations though, especially with extension points.


Earlier versions of ArgoUML (0.9 and earlier) implemented extend and include relationships by using a stereotyped dependency relationship. Although such diagrams will show correctly on the diagram, they will not link correctly to the use cases, and should be replaced by proper extend and include relationships using the current system.