Chapter 23. Deployment Diagram Artifact Reference

Table of Contents

23.1. Introduction
23.1.1. Limitations Concerning Deployment Diagrams in ArgoUML
23.2. Node
23.2.1. Node Details Tabs
23.2.2. Node Property Toolbar
23.2.3. Property Fields For Node
23.3. Node Instance
23.3.1. Node Instance Details Tabs
23.3.2. Node Instance Property Toolbar
23.3.3. Property Fields For Node Instance
23.4. Component
23.4.1. Component Details Tabs
23.4.2. Component Property Toolbar
23.4.3. Property Fields For Component
23.5. Component Instance
23.5.1. Component Instance Details Tabs
23.5.2. Component Instance Property Toolbar
23.5.3. Property Fields For Component Instance
23.6. Dependency
23.7. Class
23.8. Interface
23.9. Association
23.10. Object
23.11. Link

23.1. Introduction

This chapter describes each artifact that can be created within a Deployment Diagram. Note that some sub-artifacts of artifacts on the diagram may not actually themselves appear on the diagram.

There is a close relationship between this material and the Properties Tab of the Details Pane (see Section 13.3, “Properties Tab”). That section covers Properties in general, in this chapter they are linked to specific artifacts.

Within ArgoUML, the deployment diagram is used for both component diagrams (i.e. without instances, showing static dependencies of components) and deployment diagrams (showing how instances of components are handled by instances of nodes at run-time).


Deployment diagrams are not fully developed yet in ArgoUML. Some aspects are not fully implemented or may not behave as expected. Notable omissions are the possibility to draw new interfaces and proper stereotyping of the various dependency relationships.

Figure 23.1, “Possible artifacts on a component diagram.” shows a component diagram with all possible artifacts displayed.

Figure 23.1. Possible artifacts on a component diagram.

Possible artifacts on a component diagram.

Figure 23.2, “Possible artifacts on a deployment diagram.” shows a deployment diagram with all possible artifacts displayed.

Figure 23.2. Possible artifacts on a deployment diagram.

Possible artifacts on a deployment diagram.

23.1.1. Limitations Concerning Deployment Diagrams in ArgoUML

The deployment diagram is generally well drawn, but there are only a subset of the relationships that should be shown available, which restricts the ability to show dynamic behavior of deployed code.

It is not possible to create new interfaces directly on this diagram; they can only be added if they are first created in the model (by drawing them on a class diagram).

It is an inconvenience that the alternative representation of an interface (as a small circle) is not supported.