Chapter 16. Top Level Artifact Reference

Table of Contents

16.1. Introduction
16.2. The Model
16.2.1. Model Details Tabs
16.2.2. Model Property Toolbar
16.2.3. Property Fields For The Model
16.3. Datatype
16.3.1. Datatype Details Tabs
16.3.2. Datatype Property Toolbar
16.3.3. Property Fields For Datatype
16.4. Enumeration
16.4.1. Enumeration Details Tabs
16.4.2. Enumeration Property Toolbar
16.4.3. Property Fields For Enumeration
16.5. Stereotype
16.5.1. Stereotype Details Tabs
16.5.2. Stereotype Property Toolbar
16.5.3. Property Fields For Stereotype
16.6. Diagram
16.6.1. Diagram Details Tabs
16.6.2. Diagram Property Toolbar
16.6.3. Property Fields For Diagram

16.1. Introduction

This chapter describes each artifact that can be created within ArgoUML. The chapter covers top-level “general” artifacts. The following chapters (see Chapter 17, Use Case Diagram Artifact Reference through Chapter 23, Deployment Diagram Artifact Reference) cover each of the ArgoUML diagrams.

There is a close relationship between this material and the properties tab of the details pane (see Section 13.3, “Properties Tab”). That section covers properties in general, in this chapter they are linked to specific artifacts.