Chapter 14. The To-Do Pane

Table of Contents

14.1. Introduction
14.2. Mouse Behavior in the To-Do Pane
14.2.1. Button??1 Click
14.2.2. Button??1 Double Click
14.2.3. Button??2 Actions
14.2.4. Button??2 Double Click
14.3. Presentation Selection
14.4. Item Count

14.1. Introduction

Figure 14.1, “Overview of the to-do pane” shows the ArgoUML window with the to-do pane highlighted.

Figure 14.1. Overview of the to-do pane

Overview of the to-do pane

This pane provides access to the advice that comes from the critics processes running within ArgoUML.

A selector box at the top allows a choice of how the data is presented, a button allows the display of the hierarchy to be changed, and there is an indicator of the number of to-do items identified.

More information on critics can be found in the discussion of the Critique menu (see Section 10.9, “The Critique Menu”).