13.2. To Do Item Tab

This tab provides control over the various to-do items created by the user, or raised automatically by the ArgoUML critics (discussed in more detail in the section on the Critique menu???see Section 10.9, “The Critique Menu”). Figure 13.2, “Example of the To Do Item tab on the properties pane” shows a typical pane. The to-do item is selected with button??1 in the to-do pane (see Chapter 14, The To-Do Pane) or by using the Critiques context sensitive pop-up menu on the editing pane.

Figure 13.2. Example of the To Do Item tab on the properties pane

Example of the To Do Item tab on the properties pane

Customization of the critics behaviour is possible through the Browse critics... menu (see Section 10.9.4, “Browse Critics...”).

The body of the tab describes the problem found by the critic and outlines how it can be fixed. To the left are four buttons.

13.2.1. Wizards

Some of the more common critics have a “wizard” available to help in fixing the problem. The wizard comprises a series of pages (one or more) in the ToDo??Item tab that step you through the changes. Start the wizard by clicking the Next> button.

Figure 13.5. Example of a Wizard

Example of a Wizard

The wizard is driven through the first three buttons at the bottom of the ToDo??Item tab.

  • <Back. This will take you back to the previous step in the wizard. Grayed out if this is the first step.

  • Next>. This will take you back to the next step in the wizard. Grayed out if this is the last step.

  • Finish. This will commit the changes you have made through the wizard in previous steps, and/or use the defaults for all next steps.


Not all to-do items have wizards. If there is no wizard all three buttons will remain grayed out.

The ArgoUML wizards are non-modal, i.e. once started, you may select other todo items, or do some other actions, and all the while the wizard will remeber where it was, so if you return to the todo item, the wizard will indicate the same step it was on when you left it.

13.2.2. The Help Button

There is one remaining button at the bottom of the To??Do??Item tab, labeled Help. This will fire up a browser to a URL with further help.


In the V0.20 release of ArgoUML the URLs are generally invalid. The few that are valid have no information.