5.3. Creating Class Diagrams in ArgoUML

5.3.1. Classes

Identifying class diagrams from existing materials (Vision, Use Cases etc). To be written... Using the Note Icon in the Tool Bar

Click on your target class. Then click on the note icon. ArgoUML will generate the link automatically.

You can also right click to add a note as well! Be aware that you can add an undefined number of notes to any one class!


Be aware that your note will not appear in the source code documentation tab.

5.3.2. Associations (To be written)

To be written... Aggregation (To be written)

To be written...

5.3.3. Class Attributes and Operations (To be written)

To be written... Entering Data Into Attributes and Methods Windows

Click directly in the class artifact and start typing. Do not use the properties window dialog fields???they are not fully functional and liable to cause you a little frustration.

In fact, it would be interesting to see if you can type stereotypes write in the class attribute box for generating XML diagrams. Class Attributes (To be written)

To be written... Class Operations (To be written)

To be written...

5.3.4. Advanced Class Features (To be written) Association Classes (To be written)

To be written... Stereotypes (To be written)

To be written...