Chapter 2. Introduction (being written)

This tutorial will be taking you through a tour of the use of ArgoUML to model a system.

An ATM (automated teller machine) project has been chosen as a case study to demonstrate the various aspects of modeling that ArgoUML offers. In subsequent sections we are going to develop the ATM example into a complete description in UML. The tutorial, however, will only walk you through part of it.

At this point you should create a directory to contain your project. Name the directory anything you feel is consistent with the rest of your file system. You should name the contents and any subdirectories as directed for reasons that will become apparent.

The state of the model at the end of key sections will be available in .zargo files. These are available so that you can play with various alternatives and restore yourself back to the proper state of the model in your work area. These .zargo files will be identified at the end of the sections whose work they represent.

The case study will be an ATM system. Your company is FlyByNight Industries. You are going to play two roles. That of the Project Manager and that of the Designer Analyst.

We are not going to build a physical ATM, of course.

First you will become familiar with the feel of the product and then we will go through an analysis and development process for a test case.

How your company arranges its work into projects is usually determined as much by politics as anything else and is, therefore, out of the scope of this document. We will go into how you structure the project itself once one has been defined.