Chapter 19. Sequence Diagram Artifact Reference

Table of Contents

19.1. Introduction
19.1.1. Limitations Concerning Sequence Diagrams in ArgoUML
19.2. Object
19.2.1. Object Details Tabs
19.2.2. Object Property Toolbar
19.2.3. Property Fields For Object
19.3. Stimulus
19.3.1. Stimulus Details Tabs
19.3.2. Stimulus Property Toolbar
19.3.3. Property Fields For Stimulus
19.4. Stimulus Call
19.5. Stimulus Create
19.6. Stimulus Destroy
19.7. Stimulus Send
19.8. Stimulus Return
19.9. Link
19.9.1. Link Details Tabs
19.9.2. Link Property Toolbar
19.9.3. Property Fields For Link

19.1. Introduction

This chapter describes each artifact that can be created within a sequence diagram. Note that some sub-artifacts of artifacts on the diagram may not actually themselves appear on the diagram.

There is a close relationship between this material and the Properties tab of the details pane (see Section 13.3, “Properties Tab”). That section covers properties in general, in this chapter they are linked to specific artifacts.


Sequence diagrams are not fully developed yet in ArgoUML. Many aspects are not fully implemented, or may not behave as expected.

Figure 19.1, “Possible artifacts on a sequence diagram.” shows a sequence diagram with all possible artifacts displayed.

Figure 19.1. Possible artifacts on a sequence diagram.

Possible artifacts on a sequence diagram.

19.1.1. Limitations Concerning Sequence Diagrams in ArgoUML

The sequence diagram is still rather under-developed in ArgoUML.

The biggest difficulties are with the actions behind the stimuli. These are purely textual in implementation, and there is no way to link them back to their associated operations or signals.