15.13. Methods

Critics concerning operations in ArgoUML.

The current version of ArgoUML has the following critics in this category.

15.13.1. Change Names or Signatures in <artifact>

This critic is discussed under an earlier design issues category (see Section 15.4.3, “Change Names or Signatures in an Artifact” ).

15.13.2. Class Must be Abstract

Suggestion that a class that inherits or defines abstract operations must be marked abstract.

15.13.3. Add Operations to <class>

Suggestion that the specified class has no operations defined. This is required for the class to be useful in a design.

15.13.4. Reduce Operations on <artifact>

Suggestion that the artifact (class or interface) has too many operations for a good design, and is at risk of becoming a design bottleneck.

The Wizard of this critic allows setting of the treshold, i.e. the maximum number of operations allowed before this critic fires.


This number is not stored persistently, and there is no way to reduce it after it has been set higher, except by creating more operations until the critic fires again. Restarting ArgoUML resets this number to its default: 20.