13.4. Documentation Tab

Within the UML 1.4 standard, all artifacts are children of the Element metaclass. The Element metaclass defines a tagged value documentation for comment, description or explanation of the element to which it is attached. Since this tagged value applies to every artifact, it is given its own tab in the details pane, rather than being part of the Tagged Values tab.

Figure 13.7, “A typical Documentation tab on the details pane” shows a typical documentation tab for an artifact in ArgoUML.

Figure 13.7. A typical Documentation tab on the details pane

A typical Documentation tab on the details pane

As you can see, many more fields have been added to the Documentation field alone. The other fields similarly store their information under tagged values: author, version, since, deprecated, see.

The fields on this tab are the same for all artifacts.

Since UML comments are a kind of documentation, they are also shown on this tab, with name and body.


ArgoUML is not primarily a documentation system. For artifacts that require heavy documentation, notably use cases, the use of the See: field to point to external documents is more practical.