Kapitel 20. Statechart Diagram Model Element Reference


20.1. Introduction
20.1.1. Limitations Concerning Statechart Diagrams in ArgoUML
20.2. State
20.2.1. State Details Tabs
20.2.2. State Property Toolbar
20.2.3. Property Fields For State
20.3. Action
20.3.1. Action Details Tabs
20.3.2. Action Property Toolbar
20.3.3. Property Fields For Action
20.4. Composite State
20.5. Concurrent Region
20.6. Submachine State
20.7. Stub State
20.8. Transition
20.8.1. Transition Details Tabs
20.8.2. Transition Property Toolbar
20.8.3. Property Fields For Transition
20.9. Event
20.9.1. Event Details Tabs
20.9.2. Event Property Toolbar
20.9.3. Property Fields For Event
20.10. Guard
20.10.1. Guard Details Tabs
20.10.2. Guard Property Toolbar
20.10.3. Property Fields For Guard
20.11. Pseudostate
20.11.1. Pseudostate Details Tabs
20.11.2. Pseudostate Property Toolbar
20.11.3. Property Fields For Pseudostate
20.12. Initial State
20.13. Final State
20.13.1. Final State Details Tabs
20.13.2. Final State Property Toolbar
20.13.3. Property Fields For Final State
20.14. Junction
20.15. Choice
20.16. Fork
20.17. Join
20.18. Shallow History
20.19. Deep History
20.20. Synch State
20.20.1. Synch State Details Tabs
20.20.2. Synch State Property Toolbar
20.20.3. Property Fields For Synch State

20.1. Introduction

This chapter describes each model element that can be created within a statechart diagram. Note that some sub-model elements of model elements on the diagram may not actually themselves appear on the diagram.

There is a close relationship between this material and the Properties Tab of the Details Pane (see Abschnitt 13.3, „Das Register Eigenschaften“). That section covers Properties in general, in this chapter they are linked to specific model elements.

Abbildung 20.1, „Statechart diagram model elements 1.“ and Abbildung 20.2, „Statechart diagram model elements 2.“ show statechart diagrams with most possible model elements displayed.

Abbildung 20.1. Statechart diagram model elements 1.

Statechart diagram model elements 1.

Abbildung 20.2. Statechart diagram model elements 2.

Statechart diagram model elements 2.

20.1.1. Limitations Concerning Statechart Diagrams in ArgoUML

The statechart diagrams support the 7 action types defined (CallAtion, CreateAction, DestroyAction, ReturnAction, SendAction, TerminateAction and UninterpretedAction), but there is no way to use the same action more than once. Also, in a few cases, it is not possible to set or select the related elements; e.g.there is no way to select a signal for a SendAction.

Code generation from statechart diagrams is not developed yet.