3.2. Objects

Select objects by left-clicking on them. The functionality of ArgoUML can be activated in the menu, in toolbars, or in pop-up menus when right-clicking above an object. Many of these functions work on the selected objects.

All diagrams have toolbars at the top which are used to create objects on the diagram.

Most objects can be added to a diagram and removed from a diagram without deleting it from the model! Select an object on a diagram, and then the menu item "Edit" -> "Remove from Diagram" clears the object from the diagram, but the object remains intact in the model, which may be seen in the explorer, i.e. the tree structure at the left hand side. Once removed, and item can be added back to the diagram (or any other diagram for that matter) by selecting it in the explorer and selecting the item "Add to Diagram" in the right-click pop-up menu (then click in the diagram to place the item). Alternatively, you can drag objects from the explorer and drop them onto a diagram.