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2.4. Command Line Options

When starting ArgoUML from a command line, there are several extra possibilities. Try typing:

java -jar argouml.jar -help

You will see the instructions:

Usage: [options] [project-file]
Options include:
  -help           display this information
  -big            use big fonts
  -huge           use huge fonts
  -nosplash       don't display logo at startup
  -norecentfile   don't reload last saved file
  -command <arg>  command to perform on startup
  -batch          don't start GUI
  -locale <arg>   set the locale (e.g. 'en_GB')
  -open <arg>     open given file on startup
  -print <arg>    print given file on startup (and exit)

You can also set java settings which influence the behaviour of ArgoUML:
  -Xms250M -Xmx500M  [makes ArgoUML reserve more memory for large projects]

A common problem is that the User Interface is shown in the wrong language. Below is an easy way to switch back to the English UI. Please beware: the language is in lowercase.

java -jar argouml.jar -locale en

ArgoUML may be run without UI, in batch mode. Currently the possibilities are very limited. Below is an example (everything on 1 line!): It reads a "test.zargo" from my working directory, gets the diagram named "A", and writes a PNG graphical file for this diagram. Without the "-batch", ArgoUML would start up the UI after executing the commands.

java -jar argouml.jar -batch -command "org.argouml.uml.ui.ActionOpenProject=c:\Documents and Settings\Michiel\My Documents\test.zargo" -command org.argouml.ui.cmd.ActionGotoDiagram=A -command "org.argouml.uml.ui.ActionSaveGraphics=c:\Documents and Settings\Michiel\My Documents\test.PNG"