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15.11.  Modularity

Critics concerning modular development in ArgoUML.

The current version of ArgoUML has the following critics in this category.

15.11.1.  Classifier not in Namespace of its Association

One of the well-formedness rules in UML 1.4 for associations, is that all the classifiers attached to the ends of the association should belong to the same namespace as the association.

If this were not the case, there would be no naming, by which each end could refer to all the others.

This critic is triggered when an association does not meet this criterion. The solution is to delete the association, and recreate it on a diagram, whose namespace includes those of all the attached classifiers.


In the current implementation of ArgoUML this critic does not handle hierarchical namespaces. As a consequence it will trigger for associations where the immediate namespaces of the attached classifiers is different, even though they are part of the same namespace hierarchy.

15.11.2.  Add Elements to Package <package>

Suggestion that the specified package has no content. Good design suggests packages are created to put things in.


This will always trigger when you first create a package, since you cannot create one that is not empty!