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15.9.  Relationships

Critics concerning associations in ArgoUML.

The current version of ArgoUML has the following critics in this category.

15.9.1.  Circular Association

Suggestion that an association class has a role that refers back directly to itself, which is not permitted.


This critic is meaningless in the V0.14 version of ArgoUML which does not support association classes.

15.9.2.  Make <association> Navigable

Suggestion that the association referred to is not navigable in either direction. This is permitted in the UML standard, but has no obvious meaning in any practical design.

15.9.3.  Remove Navigation from Interface via <association>

Associations involving an interface can be not be navigable in the direction from the interface. This is because interfaces contain only operation declarations and cannot hold pointers to other objects.

This part of the design should be changed before you can generate code from this design. If you do generate code before fixing this problem, the code will not match the design.

To fix this, select the association and use the Properties tab to select in turn each association end that is not connected to the interface. Uncheck Navigable for each of these ends.

The association should then appear with a stick arrowhead pointed towards the interface

When an association between a class and interface is created in ArgoUML, it is by default navigable only from the class to the interface. However, ArgoUML does not prevent to change the navigability afterwards into a wrong situation. Which will cause this critic to be triggered.

15.9.4.  Add Associations to <model element>

Suggestion that the specified model element (actor, use case or class) has no associations connecting it to other model elements. This is required for the model element to be useful in a design.

15.9.5.  Remove Reference to Specific Subclass

This critic is discussed under an earlier design issues category (see Section 15.6.3, “ Remove Reference to Specific Subclass ).

15.9.6.  Reduce Associations on <model element>

Suggestion that the given model element (actor, use case, class or interface) has so many associations it may be a maintenance bottleneck.

The Wizard of this critic allows setting of the treshold, i.e. the maximum number of associations allowed before this critic fires.


This number is not stored persistently, and there is no way to reduce it after it has been set higher, except by creating more associations until the critic fires again. Restarting ArgoUML resets this number to its default: 7.

15.9.7.  Make Edge More Visible

This critic is discussed under an earlier design issues category (see Section 15.7.14, “ Make Edge More Visible ).