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15.6.  Planned Extensions

Critics concerning interfaces and subclasses.


It is not clear why this category has the name “Planned Extensions”.

The current version of ArgoUML has three critics in this category.

15.6.1.  Operations in Interfaces must be public

Suggestion that there is no point in having non-public operations in Interfaces, since they must be visible to be realized by a class.

15.6.2.  Interfaces may only have operations

Suggestion that an interfaces has attributes defined. The UML standard defines interfaces to have operations.


ArgoUML does not allow you to add attributes to interfaces, so this should never occur in the ArgoUML model. It might trigger if a project has been loaded with XMI created by another tool.

15.6.3.  Remove Reference to Specific Subclass

Suggestion that in a good design, a class should not reference its subclasses directly through attributes, operations or associations.