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14.2.  Mouse Behavior in the To-Do Pane

Behavior of the mouse in general, and the naming of the buttons is covered in the chapter on the overall user interface (see Chapter 8, Introduction ).

14.2.1.  Button 1 Click

This action is generally used to select an item for subsequent operations.

Within the hierarchical display, elements which have sub-hierarchies may be indicated by when the hierarchy is hidden and when the hierarchy is open.

When these icons are displayed, the display of the hierarchy is toggled by button 1 click on these icons.

Button 1 click over the headline of any to-do item will cause its details to be shown in the To Do Item tab of the details pane. That tab is automatically selected if it is not currently visible.

14.2.2.  Button 1 Double Click

When applied to the folder icon alongside a hierarchy category, this will cause the display of that hierarchy to be toggled.

When applied to a headline, button 1 double click will show the diagram for the model element to which the to-do item applies in the editing pane and select the model element on the diagram using an appropriate clarifier (the model element may be highlighted, underlined with a wavy line or surrounded by a colored box as appropriate).

14.2.3.  Button 2 Actions

There are no button 2 functions in the to-do pane.

14.2.4.  Button 2 Double Click

There are no button 2 functions in the to-do pane.