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13.9.  Tagged Values Tab

Tagged values are another extension mechanism provided by UML. The user can define name-value pairs to be associated with model elements which define properties of that model element. The names are known as tags. UML pre-defines a number of tags that are useful for many of its model elements.


The tag documentation is defined for the top UML metaclass, Element and is so available to all model elements. In ArgoUML documentation values are provided through the Documentation tab, rather than by using the Tagged Values tab.

The Tagged Values tab in ArgoUML comprises a two column table, with a combo-box on the left to select the tagdefinition and an editable box on the right for the associated value. There is always at least one empty row available for any new tag.

The button at the top of this tab allows creation of a new tagdefinition. After clicking this button, go to the properties tab first to set the name of the new tagdefinition.

The mouse buttons have their standard behavior within the editable value area (see Section 8.2, “ General Mouse Behavior in ArgoUML). In addition, when in the value field, cut, copy and paste operations may be invoked through the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V respectively.