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Chapter 13.  The Details Pane

13.1.  Introduction

Figure 13.1, “ Overview of the details pane shows the ArgoUML window, with the details pane highlighted.

Figure 13.1.  Overview of the details pane

Overview of the details pane

For any model element within the system, this pane is where all its associated data is viewed and entered.

The Pane has a series of tabs at the top, which are selected by button 1 click The body of a tab is a menu of items to be checked, selected or entered specific to the particular tab selected.

Of these, the Properties Tab is by far the most complex, with a different presentation for each model element within the system. The detailed descriptions of the properties tab for each model element are the subject of separate chapters covering the model elements that may appear on the various diagrams (see Chapter 16, Top Level Model Element Reference through Chapter 23, Deployment Diagram Model Element Reference ).