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9.3.  View operations

The Find... button has identical behaviour as its counterpart in the View menu. The Zoom button is a more luxurously version of the function in the View menu.

  • Find... See for a full description Section 10.5.2, “ Find... .

  • Zoom This is a different version of the menu-item for zooming, as described in Section 10.5.3, “ Zoom . Clicking with button 1 on the zoom-icon opens a panel as in the figure below.

    Figure 9.1.  The Zoom slider on the Toolbar

    The Zoom slider on the Toolbar

    Once the panel is open, the following actions are possible:

    • Clicking with button 1 on the "knob" followed by button 1 movement will adjust the zoomfactor.

    • Clicking with button 1 on the shown percentage allows editing the given zoomfactor (in percent) directly with the keyboard. Double clicking on the value shown selects the whole entry for easy overtyping.

    • Clicking with button 1 below or above the knob increases or decreass the zoom factor with 1%. Use this function to easily fine-adjust the percentage.

    • Clicking with button 1 or button 2 on the Zoom tool, or anywhere outside the slider panel closes the panel.

    • The keyboard can be used to operate the Zoom Slider as follows: When the Zoom icon in the toolbar has the focus (indicated by the thin blue box around it), then pressing the spacebar opens the zoon slider panel. Use the arrow keys to increase and decrease the percentage 1 by 1. Use Shift-Tab to set the focus to the percentage box, where you can edit the given value directly. Pressing Enter activates the changed value. When the "knob" has the focus, pressing PageUp/PageDown increases/decreases the percentage by some amount. Pressing Home sets the percentage to 300%, and End sets it to 25%.