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1.3.  Overview of the User Manual

1.3.1.  Tutorial Manual Structure

Chapter 2, Introduction (being written) provides an overview of UML based OOA&D, including a guide to getting ArgoUML up and running.

Chapter 4, Requirements Capture through Chapter 7, Code Generation, Reverse Engineering, and Round Trip Engineering then step through each part of the design process from initial requirements capture through to final project build and deployment.

As each UML concept is encountered, its use is explained. Its use within ArgoUML is then described. Finally a case study is used to give examples of the concepts in use.

1.3.2.  Reference Manual Structure

Chapter 8, Introduction is an overview of the user interface and provides a summary of the support for the various UML diagram types in ArgoUML. Chapter 10, The Menu bar and Chapter 11, The Explorer describe the menu bar, and each of the sub-windows of the user interface, known as Panes.

Chapter 15, The Critics gives details of all the cognitive critics within the system. Eventually ArgoUML will link directly to this manual when giving advice on critics.

Chapter 16, Top Level Model Element Reference is an overview of the model elements (i.e. the UML entities that can be placed on diagrams) within ArgoUML. The following chapters ( Chapter 17, Use Case Diagram Model Element Reference through Chapter 24, Profiles ) describe, the model elements that can be created through each ArgoUML diagram, and their properties, as well as some standard model elements provided with the system.

A complete Glossary is provided. Appendix A, Supplementary Material for the Case Study provides material to supplement the case study used throughout the document. Appendix B, UML resources and Appendix C, UML Conforming CASE Tools identify background information on UML and UML CASE tools. Appendix D, The C++ Module explains the use of the C++ module. Appendix F, Open Publication License is a copy of the GNU Free Documentation License.

1.3.3.  User Feedback

Please tell us what you think about this User Manual. Your comments will help us make improvements. Email your thoughts to the ArgoUML Users Mailing List. In case you would like to add to the missing chapters you should contact the ArgoUML Developer Mailing List to check whether anyone else is working on this part. You can subscribe to either of the mailing lists via the ArgoUML web site.